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Vitaliz Cafe Presents: Travel the Blue Zones Through Food

We at Vitaliz Cafe have always had the same mission: Heal the world with plant based food. The enthusiasm we have experienced serving our associates food to live for has only been amplified by the outpouring of love shown to our signature dishes/intentional offerings and the love we serve it with. As you all know, we did not allow the pandemic to stop us from feeding the people healing food; what has kept us sustained has been our commitment to sustainable food sources (i.e local organic farms) and vendors who match that same commitment. With this in mind, it was a no-brainer for Adventist Health to partner with one of the worlds most impactful initiatives towards better health, better living, and better loving: Blue Zones! Blue Zones mission is to empower everyone, everywhere to live longer, better; and they do this by rooting themselves in our research and identification of the world’s longest-lived cultures and most extraordinary populations and apply their findings with an innovative, systematic, environmental approach to well-being that optimizes policy, urban building design and social networks. Together, AH's Vitaliz Cafe are tag teaming to bring all of the Blue Zones to YOU! That's right, we're working together to inspire you to live longer with amazing authentic-to-region recipes, cultural customs and wellness insights to keep you feeling your best!

So, where are we going to first? Stay tuned ;)

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