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Sneak Peek Into Vitaliz's New Yums!

Now that we have announced our acquisition of Blue Zones at Adventist Health, we are so excited to introduce Blue Zones Nicoyo products to our espresso machine and into your cups! New teas, new coffee, new alternatives, all of this is coming soon in the Fall and Winter 2021. Blue Zones Costa Rica is known for their innovative approaches to ancient indigenous wellness practices, and what better way to honor said traditions by introducing an alternative to coffee that wake you up, feeds your body essential b=vitamins, nutrients and minerals, while *literally* inducing happiness?? We will be serving up some truly superfoodie goodness designed to boost your serotonin levels and get your mind, body and soul feeling top tier for the day. Take a look at one of the new products hitting the shelves:

Blue Zone Nicoyo "Morning Brew" Coffee Alternative:

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