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Need A Morning Pick-Me-Up?!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here at the Vitaliz Cafe, we offer some of the best single sourced, fair trade tea in the business. One of those teas is our Grade A Matcha! This earthy tasting treat is not only good on the taste buds, but good on the mind, in the blood, and for your caloric intake. We love coffee, but let's be we love the jitters? NO. So trade in your beans for powder and grab yourself a Matcha Latte when you get a chance. If you are not working in the Adventist Health Corporate building, you can order your own bag of matcha powder from Art of Tea today! Ask us about our promo code!

The Benefits of a Matcha Latte ;

  1. Low in Calories

  2. Balances Blood Sugar

  3. Reduces Stress Levels

  4. Increases Brain Function

  5. Elevates Mood, Memory, Concentration

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