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Ash Fallout from Wildfires

I want to make sure that our associates and community know that the Vitaliz Café continues to go a step beyond just ‘washing’ produce with our fruit and vegetable wash process and I would like everyone, whether they purchase our VegOut boxes or not, who are buying local produce, to be aware of this current situation.

As the state experiences multiple fires Earls Organic growers are reporting ash on their crops. This is being reported in all the main California row crop and fruit growing areas. Growers are actively engaged in the fields and packing houses to minimize the ash on Earls Organic Produce and Earls Organic reserves the right to reject product with excessive ash.

Unfortunately there are no guidelines or metrics that exist from health and food safety professionals about this. Washing produce seems to be the best remedy. The Vitaliz Café takes it a step further with our vegetable and fruit wash process.

Photo Credit: Earls Organic

Video of Salinas Valley crops

Vitaliz Café Vegetable and Fruit Wash Processé-VegOut-Box-.aspx

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