VC VegOut Box Program


The Vitaliz Café is committed to providing fresh, organic, local and seasonal produce for our associates and community, so we have partnered with Earl’s Organics to bring you the freshest and highest quality fruits, vegetables and herbs. Optimize your health, save time and experience whole food goodness.

Providing you with the highest quality, year-round produce is our passion and there is a cornucopia of delicious produce available seasonally that we are excited to introduce you to. The VegOut boxes will offer an array of different produce each week with new items introduced so that no one gets bored. Variety is the spice of life!

The Vitaliz Café will provide quick and easy to use information for preparing, storing and cooking techniques for everything we send your way and more! Our box program allows you to avoid socially-distanced lines, ‘masking up’ and limited or picked over produce often found at your grocery store.

The VegOut box program will introduce you to some of the local farmers who we are supporting through this program. There is no better time to get your VegOut on!

Our mission with the Vitaliz Café VegOut box program was created to not only provide the highest quality of organic, local, sustainable and seasonal produce for our associates but to also provide our community with the same quality produce, education and food system advocacy. Our mission department was instrumental in helping us to identify the ideal organization to collaborate with as we launch our VegOut Box program.

We are working with Pastors Keith and Kari Jacobson from the Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist Church in Roseville to supply their Sacramento Food Bank with the same fresh, organic, local and seasonal produce that is found in each VegOut box that you order.

Proceeds from each VegOut box sold will go towards this awesome organization.

Pastor Keith and Kari Jacobson have been very supportive of our collaboration and we are all excited to push the boundaries in providing healthy, sustainable food and ending world hunger.

Thank you for using your dollars to support this endeavor.


Need Veggies??!!

Grab your Veg Out Box for next week pick up!! Always hand washed with care & love at the Vitaliz Café.

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